All blogging needs is a starting.. full of confidence!!

I have been thinking of starting a blog and it took me almost 4-5 months to actually sit down before my lappy and start typing for my personal blog. All these months I could not decide what would be the exact “type” of my blog because the things I want you  people to know about me or through me are heterogeneous. Someone like me who has enough free time even in the office have all kinds of thoughts floating in the head. I am nor a writer , neither I have a very good imagination power, but somewhere I believe that if I type down my thoughts, I would help myself grow, as a thinker, as a communicator and as a person. What cannot be spoken, can be typed down and shared and at least then I would know how many of you would agree to what I believe in.

I have been reading different blogs and I always wished to be so superb in expressing thoughts (and one day I too will be!! ) . So here I begin with my self blog site. Being a girl of 23 years of age, living in a different city away from home, many a times I face certain situations which I wish to share with you people. I won’t be regular but I will try for your infotainment at least once or twice in a month 😉

All your love for my  writings  will work as my confidence booster!!

Also, I completely believe in continuous learning and WordPress’s Spell Checker! 😉

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