Late Dr. Anamika Ray Ma’am — A TRIBUTE…

A red bindi has the power to make anyone beautiful. But this lady looked a bit extra. “A Bengali beauty within an Oxomiya Bowari” will be the perfect combination of words to describe her. All she finally made us realise is that no one can challenge death. Neither love, nor prayers, may be. Time and fate are really cruel, to the extent that someone would loss her mother at such a tender age, that someone would loss his partner whom he married with all his hopes to be together forever.. The loss of these two souls is uncomparable, hardly can someone feel what they are going through. Being professional, it is extremely painful that we have lost a talent, a gem of our Mamc department, Gauhati University. Everyone of the students would agree that without Anamika Ma’am, Mamc department can never be the same again. She was the charm, her presence can’t be replaced. An excellent teacher,creative writer, one of the best researchers, Anamika Madam’s most attractive quality was to grab attention of anyone she would be talking to. As a friend, she shared almost everything of her life with us..her childhood, parents , education, love life, their marriage, their budding daughter, how difficult it is to grow up a child  when the husband stays away from home etc. She was strict whenever necessary and I still remember her scoldings. Rarely was she absent because of any illness. But, she used to be over tensed sometimes, may be extreme hard work all over the night sometimes made her restless. Last June 2015 , when I visited my department, she encouraged me for Ph.D and ensured me of all possible guidance. She put one hand on my head for a second and smiled. Little did I know that it was for the last time. Poor me! I smiled back. Ma’am, the two years we spent with you will be in our memories forever, it will always encourage us to work hard, which you always believed to be the mantra of success. During your short lifetime, you have gained so much love and fame that all of us are so proud of you. Give all your strength, courage, love and blessings to your daughter now. I am sure, a mother’s blessing will never fail to make a daughter grow up as much stronger as this world will need her to be. And one day she would proudly accept that no harsh reality could separate you both. May your soul rest in eternal peace. And my deepest condolences to the family. Stay strong Ankuran Sir. I beleive that time heals almost everything. Life goes on, only a bold approach is needed from your side now for a better future. P.S. We the Mamc batch 2012-2014 never expected to start our days at Gauhati University in such an exciting, childlike manner as we did. Anamika ma’am caught our attention with her exciting Name Game! Stand as a big circle, and start saying the names of yourself and your friends. If you fail to remember any of them, you will be punished, as such you either have to sing, or dance or act or anything of your choice. According to ma’am , these cute punishments would help each other to know well and we would come closer forever as best buddies. Ma’am , if now we play that game and keep Anrini in between the circle, and call you with all our heart, will you come closer to us atleast for once?


7 things in Guwahati that I miss horribly!

Away from my most favourite city and not mentioning about these in my newly created blog? Not done!! So here I go .. 

1. The mighty river  Brahmaputra – There is no comparison to our Brahmaputra river. The blue, beautiful scenic look that the river has got lingers in my mind . Now I lack in crossing the river by boat, clicking sunsets over the river, looking at the river horizon and taking in the fresh air. And can anyone forget the Brahmaputra festivals? Beach, Kite and Food !! 😛

2. The Chandmari Flyover – Every GCCian’s college life is incomplete without spending time on the Chandmari Flyover. A selfie or groupie there can make the evening  worth remembering. It’s all about passing a quality,airy fun time!! Yoo hoo!!


3. The Trade Fairs/Book Fairs – The Chandmari open field and the Maniram Dewan Trade Center enlightens the crowd. In case of the book fairs held, it can be said as the healthy crowd. Infotainment is the word for these events. I loved being there so much!! 🙂

4. Disang!! –   *Sweet and sour chicken*   *Sweet corn chicken soup*   *Sweet and sour chicken*   *Sweet corn chicken soup*   *Sweet and sour chicken*   *Sweet corn chicken soup*   *Sweet and sour chicken*   *Sweet corn chicken soup*   *Sweet and sour chicken*   *Sweet corn chicken soup*  😛

5. The GS Road – My most favourite area starts at Ulubari and ends in Ganesguri. A drive from one point to another can make one realise how rich and sophisticated our  Guwahati city has become. Isn’t it continuously growing more and more gorgeous? Though street lights need to be maintained more efficiently, yet the GS road is  the shiniest place in the city!! 😎

6. Gauhati University campus – The endangered chocolates which are no longer available in any other parts of the city can be found in the store near Birinchi Kumar Baruah auditorium.Well, that is not the only reason.The Gauhati University is a small sweet village. The greenery , the age old trees and  departments, the canteens, the up and down roads, the hills, the open fields, the botanical garden, the flowers, and last but not the least “the MAINAs” 😛 … everything deserves a mention. I wish I could go back to those days when GU was my second home. I miss my university days!! 😦

7 Fancy Bajar – No more classes!! And we used to reach Fancy Bajar before any one of my friends even ended up saying ‘Bol Fancy jau aji’ . If I went to buy and my friend went to ‘support’ me in that, then she used to buy first and I used to support. Fancy has got the  charm to create buyers!! Even if we had no intentions to buy, saying ‘imman vir aaji’  and still roaming around in that place was fun .Only shopping didn’t work for us. A treat to our stomach was a must. Shoppers Point, Mangharam’s are amazing in this regard. A definite place to be missed severely!! 😦

My next visit to the city will surely refresh it all .

P.S.  I miss my family, home, own room, locality and my close friends the most !!

Dear girls, be stronger !!

Be strong, fight, cry out loud, let the world hear. Fight again, now shine and be stronger.

Stand alone, fall down, get hurt, let the world know. Stand up again, with strong feet and mind, now stable and be stronger.

Learn , fail to understand, let the world laugh. Learn harder, with a positive mind, now smarter and be stronger.

Get motivated, then depressed, let the world feel. Get self inspiration, now self confident and be stronger.

Be loved, then hated, let the world see. Don’t hate, self respect, now act like a lady and be stronger.

Get crazy, roam around, let the world complain. Get crazier, prove yourself right, now don’t care and be stronger.

Work, rest, let the world think. Work harder, earn more, now self independent and be stronger.

Eat more, get fat, let the world talk. Don’t starve, don’t resist, now work out and be stronger.

Get power, let it go, let the world test you. Grab a greater power, now don’t stop and be stronger.

Speak up, louder, let the world shake. Your rights are in your hands, now don’t let it go and be stronger.

I do not belong to the Cold Coffee Generation…

A few years ago ‘coffee’ always meant a hot cup of aromatic love. But like every other thing, the liking for the taste of coffee has also changed among the people. That very fine day someone told me, ” You don’t like cold coffee? Hot coffee aaj kal peeta kaun hain? Waise I don’t like the taste of coffee!! ” And I smilingly replied, “Main peeti hoon!”   In return I got that vague, stretched lips expression.

A BIG HOT COFFEE LOVER I AM !! And it is such that, I don’t hate cold coffee as much as I hate people who hates hot coffee.

I believe that hot coffee is the perfect example of rising in love. It is warm, energizing and it not only just keeps me awake but it literally makes me smarter. And for me the best thing that goes with a cup of coffee is yet another cup, of the same taste and vapour! These very qualities is absent in the cold coffee. I once tasted the cold version and till now I am gathering the courage to go for the second cup. And the price? Is it higher because of its vanishing taste and refreshment factor? Be it any reason, I do not belong to the decaffeinated cold coffee generation, thereby holding on to the coffee roots 😉

I seriously believe that cold coffee has become a ‘trend’ because it is now in the menus of big coffee centres and restaurants. Even if someone doesn’t like the taste of coffee,he or she will go for the cold coffee because it sounds good and different.

A class of cold coffee generation would argue that it all depends on the weather. On a hot evening, one would definitely grab the cold cup rather than the hot one. But studies have shown that a hot beverage can cool us down on a hot day!! The reason is that the hot drink adds heat to the body, which increases sweating and thus helps in cooling us off 🙂

So this summer , go for the classical, royal cup of the drink!! Enjoy hot coffee 😉

All blogging needs is a starting.. full of confidence!!

I have been thinking of starting a blog and it took me almost 4-5 months to actually sit down before my lappy and start typing for my personal blog. All these months I could not decide what would be the exact “type” of my blog because the things I want you  people to know about me or through me are heterogeneous. Someone like me who has enough free time even in the office have all kinds of thoughts floating in the head. I am nor a writer , neither I have a very good imagination power, but somewhere I believe that if I type down my thoughts, I would help myself grow, as a thinker, as a communicator and as a person. What cannot be spoken, can be typed down and shared and at least then I would know how many of you would agree to what I believe in.

I have been reading different blogs and I always wished to be so superb in expressing thoughts (and one day I too will be!! ) . So here I begin with my self blog site. Being a girl of 23 years of age, living in a different city away from home, many a times I face certain situations which I wish to share with you people. I won’t be regular but I will try for your infotainment at least once or twice in a month 😉

All your love for my  writings  will work as my confidence booster!!

Also, I completely believe in continuous learning and WordPress’s Spell Checker! 😉