I do not belong to the Cold Coffee Generation…

A few years ago ‘coffee’ always meant a hot cup of aromatic love. But like every other thing, the liking for the taste of coffee has also changed among the people. That very fine day someone told me, ” You don’t like cold coffee? Hot coffee aaj kal peeta kaun hain? Waise I don’t like the taste of coffee!! ” And I smilingly replied, “Main peeti hoon!”   In return I got that vague, stretched lips expression.

A BIG HOT COFFEE LOVER I AM !! And it is such that, I don’t hate cold coffee as much as I hate people who hates hot coffee.

I believe that hot coffee is the perfect example of rising in love. It is warm, energizing and it not only just keeps me awake but it literally makes me smarter. And for me the best thing that goes with a cup of coffee is yet another cup, of the same taste and vapour! These very qualities is absent in the cold coffee. I once tasted the cold version and till now I am gathering the courage to go for the second cup. And the price? Is it higher because of its vanishing taste and refreshment factor? Be it any reason, I do not belong to the decaffeinated cold coffee generation, thereby holding on to the coffee roots 😉

I seriously believe that cold coffee has become a ‘trend’ because it is now in the menus of big coffee centres and restaurants. Even if someone doesn’t like the taste of coffee,he or she will go for the cold coffee because it sounds good and different.

A class of cold coffee generation would argue that it all depends on the weather. On a hot evening, one would definitely grab the cold cup rather than the hot one. But studies have shown that a hot beverage can cool us down on a hot day!! The reason is that the hot drink adds heat to the body, which increases sweating and thus helps in cooling us off 🙂

So this summer , go for the classical, royal cup of the drink!! Enjoy hot coffee 😉

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