7 things in Guwahati that I miss horribly!

Away from my most favourite city and not mentioning about these in my newly created blog? Not done!! So here I go .. 

1. The mighty river  Brahmaputra – There is no comparison to our Brahmaputra river. The blue, beautiful scenic look that the river has got lingers in my mind . Now I lack in crossing the river by boat, clicking sunsets over the river, looking at the river horizon and taking in the fresh air. And can anyone forget the Brahmaputra festivals? Beach, Kite and Food !! 😛

2. The Chandmari Flyover – Every GCCian’s college life is incomplete without spending time on the Chandmari Flyover. A selfie or groupie there can make the evening  worth remembering. It’s all about passing a quality,airy fun time!! Yoo hoo!!


3. The Trade Fairs/Book Fairs – The Chandmari open field and the Maniram Dewan Trade Center enlightens the crowd. In case of the book fairs held, it can be said as the healthy crowd. Infotainment is the word for these events. I loved being there so much!! 🙂

4. Disang!! –   *Sweet and sour chicken*   *Sweet corn chicken soup*   *Sweet and sour chicken*   *Sweet corn chicken soup*   *Sweet and sour chicken*   *Sweet corn chicken soup*   *Sweet and sour chicken*   *Sweet corn chicken soup*   *Sweet and sour chicken*   *Sweet corn chicken soup*  😛

5. The GS Road – My most favourite area starts at Ulubari and ends in Ganesguri. A drive from one point to another can make one realise how rich and sophisticated our  Guwahati city has become. Isn’t it continuously growing more and more gorgeous? Though street lights need to be maintained more efficiently, yet the GS road is  the shiniest place in the city!! 😎

6. Gauhati University campus – The endangered chocolates which are no longer available in any other parts of the city can be found in the store near Birinchi Kumar Baruah auditorium.Well, that is not the only reason.The Gauhati University is a small sweet village. The greenery , the age old trees and  departments, the canteens, the up and down roads, the hills, the open fields, the botanical garden, the flowers, and last but not the least “the MAINAs” 😛 … everything deserves a mention. I wish I could go back to those days when GU was my second home. I miss my university days!! 😦

7 Fancy Bajar – No more classes!! And we used to reach Fancy Bajar before any one of my friends even ended up saying ‘Bol Fancy jau aji’ . If I went to buy and my friend went to ‘support’ me in that, then she used to buy first and I used to support. Fancy has got the  charm to create buyers!! Even if we had no intentions to buy, saying ‘imman vir aaji’  and still roaming around in that place was fun .Only shopping didn’t work for us. A treat to our stomach was a must. Shoppers Point, Mangharam’s are amazing in this regard. A definite place to be missed severely!! 😦

My next visit to the city will surely refresh it all .

P.S.  I miss my family, home, own room, locality and my close friends the most !!


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