Dear girls, be stronger !!

Be strong, fight, cry out loud, let the world hear. Fight again, now shine and be stronger.

Stand alone, fall down, get hurt, let the world know. Stand up again, with strong feet and mind, now stable and be stronger.

Learn , fail to understand, let the world laugh. Learn harder, with a positive mind, now smarter and be stronger.

Get motivated, then depressed, let the world feel. Get self inspiration, now self confident and be stronger.

Be loved, then hated, let the world see. Don’t hate, self respect, now act like a lady and be stronger.

Get crazy, roam around, let the world complain. Get crazier, prove yourself right, now don’t care and be stronger.

Work, rest, let the world think. Work harder, earn more, now self independent and be stronger.

Eat more, get fat, let the world talk. Don’t starve, don’t resist, now work out and be stronger.

Get power, let it go, let the world test you. Grab a greater power, now don’t stop and be stronger.

Speak up, louder, let the world shake. Your rights are in your hands, now don’t let it go and be stronger.

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